These unfinished wood blocks are precision cut from a quality grade pine 4 x 4 board.  Actual size is 3.5" x 3.5". Height sizes for the set (pictured) are 3", 6" & 9".  Custom sizes can be ordered up to 10" (please see our other products).

Each block is unique in it's natural wood grain and comes with a 3" diameter groove on one end. Included is a 3" wooden ring that fits loosely into the groove of the block. Both block and ring are ready for staining, painting or leave in their natural state. A 3" diameter candle will fit into the ring.

These blocks make a perfect gift for friends or family members with that artistic flair. With four wide sides on each block your design is only limited by your imagination. Rings can be glued in or left loose for interchanging. Each block has one grooved end and one flat end.

Price is per set of three blocks and each block comes with one ring.

Unfinished wood block-DIY-candle holder set-pine-4x4-handmade