Frequently Asked Questions

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Maid Service Questions


Are your rates for one or two people?

  • Two people, we work in teams.


Do you clean inside ovens and refrigerators?

  • Yes, however customers should realize that special cleaning needs require more time in addition to general cleaning.


Do you clean businesses? Do you clean after the business closes?

  • Yes we do clean offices and yes we will clean after hours.


What is your minimum service time?

  • We have a one hour minimum fee on the Peninsula and a two hour minimum for Isle of Wight, Gloucester and Williamsburg however the time can be shortened if included in our Blended Services Package. (see below).



Is the rate different if the house or apartment is empty?

  • No, we still charge the same minimum rate; we can adjust the length of time we are there by 15 minute increments after the minimum has been met.


Do you charge extra if there are pets in the home?

  • No – we love pets and we are a pet friendly company.


Does someone need to be there while you are working?

  • No, as long as we have access to your home and we will lock up when we leave.

  • Payment arrangements must be made ahead of time.



Can I schedule bi-weekly or monthly appointments?

  • Yes, we try to work around your schedule as best we can and scheduling at least once a month will make you a regular customer and save you money.


What are the general cleaning services that you offer?                   

  • Vacuuming, dusting, mopping, ceiling fans, kitchen and bathroom cleaning just to name a few

  • We ask that the customer prioritize their cleaning needs and we try to meet those needs in the allotted time that you give us.


Do you schedule one time appointments?

  • Yes


Do you use your own cleaning products?

  • Yes we do provide our own products and supplies. 






Carpet Cleaning Questions


Do you clean area rugs?

  • Yes we do.


Can you remove all stains?

  • With our unique carpet cleaning process we have great success removing stains. On heavy traffic or stained areas, we use a pre-spray or spot stain remover to help augment our cleaning solution. In most cases we can remove or greatly lighten the stain. If the stain has been there for a while and has penetrated the carpet fibers it may not be completely removable.


How long does it take the carpet to dry?

  • It takes approximately 1 hour to dry. Certain conditions aid in the drying time; such as low humidity and air circulation.

  • Carpet cleaners that use a large amount of water extend the drying time to as much as 1 - 2 days thereby increasing the risk of mold and mildew growing in and under your carpet.


What chemicals do you use in cleaning carpet?

  • All our carpet cleaning products are safe for children and pets. We spray on an oxidizing solution that separates the dirt from the carpet fibers, an odor neutralizer and also an allergen treatment in our standard solution. We can also add an odorcide to eliminate strong odors within the carpet.


Do you offer carpet protector?

  • Yes, for a small additional fee we can put down a protector that helps prevent staining if a spill does occur. We also guarantee our protection service for six months. If, in the case of a spill that creates a stain you cannot remove we will come out.


What are the customer responsibilities?

  • Customers should remove all small objects from areas to be cleaned such as children’s toys, plants, shoes, clothing, etc. Also, remove any breakables from furniture to be moved.


What type of furniture do you move?

  • Couches, chairs and tables. We do not move entertainment centers, computer desks with equipment on them, curio cabinets with breakables or fragile items.


How do you measure the area of a room to be cleaned?

  • We measure only the area of the room that you wish to be cleaned. We do not measure under furniture that will not be moved.



What type of carpet cleaning process do you use?

  • We call it a damp process. We spray on an oxidizing solution that separates the dirt from the carpet fibers. We then use a spin clean bonnet on a carpet buffer that picks up the dirt and stains. You can walk it on any time and carpet usually dry in about one hour.



 What distinguishes your damp process from a wet carpet cleaning process?

  • A wet process (also called steam cleaning process) sprays a large amount of water onto your carpet that penetrates through the carpet backing. Any dirt or contaminants underneath your carpet is then suctioned up back through your carpet back into your environment. This often leaves those contaminants in your carpet fibers. This is why after a couple days of drying many customers notice spots reappearing.

  • Our damp process sprays just the right amount of solution that will penetrate only your carpet fibers. We concentrate only on removing the dirt in your carpet fibers, not disturbing any contaminants that may be lying dormant underneath your carpet.




Upholstery Cleaning Questions


What types of materials do you clean?

  • We clean all major types of upholstery material also including micro-fiber.


Do you provide upholstery services for small jobs such as dining room chairs?

  • Yes. We do have a minimum charge for upholstery cleaning. If the upholstery cleaning is included in our Blended Service Package which includes maid service and/or carpet cleaning, the minimum upholstery fee is lowered.


Do you offer upholstery protector from future spills and stains?

  • Yes, upholstery fabric protector is available and is often recommended.


What is the drying time once the furniture is cleaned?

  • In most cases, we ask customers to allow 12-24 hours for drying depending on the amount of cleaning required. Also, low humidity and good air circulation are contributing factors in the drying process.


Can my furniture be cleaned in my home?

  • Yes, we do not remove furniture from the residence.



Blended Services



What are Blended Services?

  • Over the years many of our customers have needed partial services that Absolute Power Clean offers. We have listened and now offer the option of combining smaller amounts of each service that together will make up a Blended Service minimum.


How does your Blended Services work?

  • Let’s say you only need your bathrooms cleaned, two rooms of carpet cleaned and your favorite chair cleaned. Added together these services will make up a minimum Blended Service charge without having to meet the minimum service fee for each full service.


Does each of these services have to be accomplished during the same visit?

  • No, but we can discount your cost if done in the same visit.


Can I add to the Blended Services during my visit?

  • Yes, you can if it does not interfere with the next scheduled job.